Will Recession End in the Next Six Months?
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Will Recession End in the Next Six Months?

The article ponders on the facts if recession

The recent economic recession which began in December 2007 is said to be the worst since the Second World War. It has already caused many serious economic impacts that are felt everywhere. It began from the developed nations and it is spreading down the developing nations which are expected to be worst hit. This is owing to their weak economic structures. GDPs for most nations are steadily falling and this is a rather worrying trend that requires quick interventions. Most people are now living at the edge of their lives and they are unable to get satisfying answers to the disturbing question: When will recession end?

The world’s economy is currently depressed and everyone is in disarray. The US, which has the strongest economic base, has also been hit badly by the recession and many people have already been laid off. Managers are worried too, they are in the survival zone not sure what to tell the shareholders of the companies they head. Everywhere the news on the effects of the recession is quickly spreading and it is now becoming critical. It is now ten months since the recession began, and still there are no signs of any improvement. Even the most respected economists are now asking: Will recession end in the next six months? This is a tough question to answer as the crunch has gone beyond the level it was expected. Most countries have introduced a stimulus packages to help save the situation and some companies have already been bailed out.

The only ray of hope that is coming to answer this mind baffling question, “will recession end soon?” is that some companies have began is posting some profits especially in the last quarter of their financial year. In addition to that, a considerable number of companies have also started breaking and moving away from the huge losses they have been making. The only worry is if the steps taken so far are sufficient to combat this deadly economic downside. Maybe good planning will do to ensure that the strategies adopted will not be dangerous owing to the unpredictability of the recession. However, the economic recess is likely to take longer in the less developed countries and most economic statistics are showing so.

The recession began from the US, Europe soon caught this bad flue and Asia was sneezing. Most third world countries did n not feel the impact immediately due to their weak economic structures but very soon they will be affected too. This makes everyone asking will recession end.


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