Reincarnation: The Flight of the Spirit Soul
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Reincarnation: The Flight of the Spirit Soul

Reincarnation literally means “to enter again”, re-in carnal. It also means the “transmigration of the soul” or the “cycle of birth and death.” In the Vedic scriptures, it is stated that there is an estimated more than 8,400,000 species life forms; some are moving and some are inert.


Reincarnation literally means “to enter again”, re-in carnal. It also means the “transmigration of the soul” or the “cycle of birth and death.”

In the Vedic scriptures, it is stated that there is an estimated more than 8,400,000 species life forms; some are moving and some are inert.

Most people resented the idea of reincarnation because of the concept of living or experiencing oneself as a dog, a tree, a pig or a maggot. On the other hand, people proudly claimed that they are incarnation of a princess, a powerful man or king, or a heavenly goddess with beauty and opulence. They do not like the idea of inhabiting into the lower specie of life forms which is filthy, low, and miserable. And who wants to be?

Let’s look up the example of a butterfly. Before a butterfly emerges, it is originated from the body of a caterpillar. The caterpillar changes first into a cocoon.

From cocoon, the body change and emerge a monarch butterfly.

We can see the changes from a caterpillar to cocoon, and from cocoon to a butterfly, the same can be observe with the humane changing body from a baby body to a little child to a young boy/girl, to adolescence to youth, to a full grown to adulthood and old age, and finally, death - expiry of the body. Yet the same spirit soul is in there and does not under go any change.

People are aloof when they hear the word “death” as if it never existed in their minds. They don’t want to period life. They prefer to express “passed away” or “passing away.”

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Humans and animals have the same common propensities, eating, sleeping, mating, and depending. Animals do have some intelligence though; dogs bark at strangers, mother chickens protect her chicks by covering them with her wings. But the difference between them is the higher intelligence of humans.

Humans can inquire about life, its problems, and solutions and its goal. One must try to inquire about life’s goal. This is the proper utilization of the human form of life. When one misuses the gift of the human form by unnecessarily indulging in the animal propensities of eating, sleeping, mating and defending and does not try to get out of the clutches of illusion, which subjects one to repeated birth, disease, old age and death, one is again penalized by being forced to descend to the lower species and undergo evolution according to the laws of nature.

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Bhagavad-gita 2.13 The conditioned spirit soul is seen changing bodies from childhood to youth to old age to death and then into the womb of another mother. Verse 22 is also illustrated by this same picture. Above, a man is changing garments, and below the soul is changing bodies.

"As the embodied soul continually passes, in this body, from boyhood to youth to old age, the soul similarly passes into another body at death. The self-realized soul is not bewildered by such a change." Bg.2.13 Bhagavad-gita, As It Is

Being completely under the grip of material nature, the living entity must evolve again from the lower species to the higher species until the spirit soul or the “life force” at last returns to human life and gets the chance to be freed from the material clutches.

A wise man, however, learns from the ??stras (scriptures) and guru that we living entities are all eternal but are put into troublesome conditions because of associating with different modes under the laws of material nature. Therefore, in the human form of life one should not endeavor for unnecessary necessities, but should live a very simple life with high thinking. It is the only form of life that one can take off from the cycle of repeated birth and death existence and go back to our original position.

“Now, as for the dead rising to life; haven’t you ever read what God has told you? He said, “I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.” He is the God of the living, not of the dead.” Matthew 22:31-32

"There is, of course a physical body, so there has to be a spiritual body." (I Corinthian 15:44)

Scientific Proof of Reincarnation

Dr. Ian Stevenson's Life Work

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Dr. Ian Stevenson

Probably the best known, if not most respected, collection of scientific data that appears to provide scientific proof that reincarnation is real, is the life's work of Dr. Ian Stevenson. Instead of relying on hypnosis to verify that an individual has had a previous life, he instead chose to collect thousands of cases of children who spontaneously (without hypnosis) remember a past life. Dr. Ian Stevenson uses this approach because spontaneous past life memories in a child can be investigated using strict scientific protocols. Hypnosis, while useful in researching into past lives, is less reliable from a purely scientific perspective. In order to collect his data, Dr. Stevenson methodically documents the child's statements of a previous life. Then he identifies the deceased person the child remembers being, and verifies the facts of the deceased person's life that match the child's memory. He even matches birthmarks and birth defects to wounds and scars on the deceased, verified by medical records. His strict methods systematically rule out all possible "normal" explanations for the child’s memories.

Buddha: Proof of Reincarnation

“Through many a birth wandered I, seeking the builder of this house, Sorrow full indeed is birth again and again” Siddhartha Buddha

Probably the most important proof of reincarnation is the life of Siddhartha Buddha. The two greatest spiritual teachers to ever walk this earth were Buddha and Christ. There are some who would say that Buddha did not teach reincarnation but instead spoke of rebirth. This is more a difference in semantics. Buddha spoke of having many lives. This is what reincarnation is. The primary difference between Buddha's teachings and traditional Hinduism's teachings concerns the teaching about Atman. The Hindus believe in the soul as being a discreet unit that incarnates over and over. Buddha taught that even the soul was an illusion to overcome and that nothing was separate from GOD.

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A prominent theologian named Origen wrote around 250 AD about the pre-existence of the soul. He taught that the soul’s very source was God and that the soul was traveling back to oneness with God via the lessons learned in multiple lives. He taught that Christ came to show us what we can become. For centuries this was the mainstream view of Christianity but 300 years later it became a huge issue and the belief was made illegal because Emperor Constantine believed it was dangerous to the Empire to believe in reincarnation.

In the sixth century A.D., Emperor Justinian and Pope Vigilius disagreed on whether or not the teachings of Origen should be condemned as heresy. The Pope supported the teaching as being consistent with the teachings of Jesus the Messiah. The Emperor was determined to eradicate the belief even though the Pope and the church believed in reincarnation. The fact that the doctrine of reincarnation had been a part of Christian theology for over 500 years did not sway the Emperor.

"If anyone asserts the fabulous preexistence of souls, and shall assert the monstrous restoration which follows from it: let him be anathema." (Attached to the decreases of the Fifth Ecumenical Council, A.D. 545)

Human life is meant for thoughtfulness!


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Comments (13)

Wow, interesting! I don't believe in incarnation, though. Thanks for the comments on my articles.

Ingenious article Ron, thanks for such a great insight. You're such an expert on religion and philosophy.

Always an interesting subject.

absolutely wonderful

Very well documented Ron and researched as well. Wonderful.

very interesting information although I do not believe in incarnation but I believe that we have another life after death

Ranked #7 in Philosophy

All comments are highly appreciated, thanks.

wonderful written..very interesting topic Ron! thanks for this :)

Excellent. Sorry, I'm out of votes

Ranked #14 in Philosophy

I'm very much interested in this topic...Thanks for sharing...

Ranked #7 in Philosophy

Thanks Ghaz, Lucia and Jessie.

Anirudh Kumar Satsangi

Unaccomplished activities of past lives are also one of the causes for reincarnation. Some of us reincarnate to complete the unfinished tasks of previous birth. The is evident from my own story of reincarnation:

“My most Revered Guru of my previous life His Holiness Maharaj Sahab, 3rd Spiritual Head of Radhasoami Faith had revealed this secret to me during trance like state of mine. This was sort of REVELATION.

HE told me, “Tum Sarkar Sahab Ho” (You are Sarkar Sahab). Sarkar Sahab was one of the most beloved disciple of His Holiness Maharj Sahab. Sarkar Sahab later on became Fourth of Spiritual Head Radhasoami Faith.

Since I don’t have any direct realization of it so I can not claim the extent of its correctness. But it seems to be correct. During my previous birth I wanted to sing the song of ‘Infinite’ (Agam Geet yeh gawan chahoon tumhri mauj nihara, mauj hoi to satguru soami karoon supanth vichara) but I could not do so then since I had to leave the mortal frame at a very early age. But through the unbounded Grace and Mercy of my most Revered Guru that desire of my past birth is being fulfilled now.”

I am one the chief expounder and supporter of Gravitation Force Theory of God. This is most scientific and secular theory of God. This is the Theory of Universal Religion. I have given Higher Theory of Everything. Sometimes back I posted this as comments to a blog on:

‘Fighting of the Cause of Allah by Governing a Smart Mathematics Based on Islamic Teology’

By Rohedi of Rohedi Laboratories, Indonesia. Rohedi termed my higher theory of everything more wonderful than which has been developed by Stephen Hawking. Some details are quoted below:


@anirudh kumar satsangi

Congratulation you have develop the higher theory of everything more wonderful than which has been developed by Stephen Hawking. Hopefully your some views for being considered for Unified Field Theory are recognized by International Science Community, hence I soon read the fundamental aspect proposed by you.

I have posted my comments to the Blog of Syed K. Mirza on Evolutionary Science vs. Creation Theory, and Intellectual Hypocrisy. Syed Mirza seems to be a very liberal muslim. He responded to my comments as mentioned below.

“Many thanks for your very high thought explanations of God.

You said:

“Hence it can be assumed that the Current of Chaitanya (Consciousness) and Gravitational Wave are the two names of the same Supreme Essence (Seed) which has brought forth the entire creation. Hence it can be assumed that the source of current of consciousness and gravitational wave is the same i.e. God or ultimate creator.

(i) Gravitation Force is the Ultimate Creator, Source of Gravitational Wave is God”

Whatever you call it, God is no living God of any religion. Yes, when I call it “Mother Nature” is the God generated from all Natural forces and Gravitational force is the nucleus of all forces or we can presume that Gravitation is the ultimate guiding principle of this Mother Nature we call it non-living God unlike living personal God of religions. I can not believe any personal God would do so much misery created for its creation. Hence, only non-living natural God can explain everything in the Universe. When we think of any living personal God, things do not ad up!”

I have also discovered the mathematical expression for emotional quotient (E.Q.) and for spiritual quotient (S.Q.).

Austrian Scientist Rudolf Steiner says,

“Just as an age was once ready to receive the Copernican theory of the universe, so is our age ready for the idea of reincarnation to be brought into the general consciousness of humanity”.

Ranked #7 in Philosophy

Thank you Anirudha.