Can Science Prove the Existence of God?
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Can Science Prove the Existence of God?

A short description of key concepts dealing in the relationship of science and religion. Religion historically has had a hold on mankind for our entire existence. What does it mean as science begins asking more and more questions to prove the existence, or lack there of, gods.

What I will attempt to answer:

The necessary traits or occurrences which we would experience were science to prove the existence of God or gods.  The discussion will be about all gods in general as much as any god in particular. 

When one asks can science prove the existence of God we must question a few of the basic precepts included in the concepts necessary to the discussion.

What is god

I think it is nearly impossible to pinpoint a agreed upon definition duly noting something as God.  Philosophers throughout time have selected aspects of existence so magnificent one could hardly question their being denoted as god, and many have understood these concepts as the god most often denoted God.

Faith vs. Reason

The problem arises in that as philosophers and scientists begin to encroach on proving the existence of gods the human spirit seems to simply move on.  It is key to our gods that they are mysterious.  Often, gods are otherworldly so as to prevent their physically being noticed. Some gods necessitate faith above all else. These claims to faith, or revealed religions in which there is some mystical relationship.  This preserves the mystery of God in the separation of Faith vs, Reason.  Neither camp has been able to trump humanity.  We find throughout time that humans have played a delicate balance game between things reasoned upon and those that are just understood as above questioning.

What is science?

Science is basically demonstrable proofs based on logical systems.  Simple yesÂ… but not in the least bit.  Hard science, what most individuals think of as science is often conceived of as things like the volcano we all made as children in school.  It is science that can be proven with the naked eye.  Philosophy is often the opposite, it is proofs based on purely theoretical ideas framed within logic and logical systems.

Can Philosophy Prove the Existence of God?

Science has, can and cannot.  In the past people like Aristotle, St. Thomas Aquinas, Descartes, Spinoza and many more have come up with purely theoretical proofs of the existence of God.  Many were even embraced by Christianity, others by other religionsÂ… some became a philosophical religion unto themselves.  The philosophers accomplish the goal, but far too often the burden of proof is not satisfied.  People are not convinced by logical proofs, many of them ending in unsolved problems like the omnipotent god creating a rock so heavy it cannot be lifted even by the omnipotent god.

Can Science Prove the Existence of God?

Science itself seems the best proof of gods existing.  God even.  For most often the philosophical understandings of God necessitate God as existence.  Poetic as it is that existence itself be understood as god.  Simple as the proof is.  It is rarely acceptable.

The simplest answer ends up being No, science cannot prove the existence of god.  One might go so far as to say science and god are in a beautiful cosmic dance, a synthesis of necessary antitheses.

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Comments (3)

Heavy duty thinkage, broseph. Nice work!

I do what I can, I am glad you liked the article.

Good job. I dwell on these thoughts and ideas, and I find enough truth to keep me moving. I'm not sure I can prove any of it to anyone else.