Anthropology Study: Do You Believe In The Unseen World?
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Anthropology Study: Do You Believe In The Unseen World?

In an unseen world, I believe nature is in full control and nature is clearly a phenomenon which was originally derived from the supernatural to the galactic universe.

In an unseen world, I believe nature is in full control and nature is clearly a phenomenon which was originally derived from the supernatural to the galactic universe. The supernatural is almost impossible to investigate outside of empirical thinking. The idea immediately caused the term “supernatural” to be placed with the context of “cults”, as many individuals may belief mystical thinking means we can control nature. Instead, nature controls us.

The name “nature” comes from the Latin word “Natura” or “the course of things”, relating to animals, plants, the sky above, the earth below, the soul of a human being and the aspects of the world. It does not seem that within my description of Nature, that God exists, nor does he have the power to change the course of things. It is clear to me, however, that people here on earth do have the power to change their own standing, and that in and of itself makes us all gods.

Therefore, in an unseen world, it’s hard to even fathom what does exist even if we can conjure up an image in our own minds. If we are not in control and nature does control the unseen world, then there must be an otherworld existing, perhaps, on earth. I’ve always believed heaven and hell resided here on earth. Although we may not be able to see it now, we are living and experiencing the unknown and unseen, whic

Can we contact the unseen world?

I absolutely believe we can. I believe we are living in the unseen and therefore can speak with the spirits of nature. It’s hard to imagine for some, as a godly being is the only image many people feel they can connect with. What about the trees? Air? Water? Fire?

Living entities can behave according to our connection with them. Talking to plants and playing classical music for them seems odd, but my grandmother and I both partake in this activity. Does it really work? Do plants have feelings? I believe they do, as observable changes care evident.

Connecting with air is almost hard for me to fathom. However I believe with the right breathing techniques, as many yoga students I’ve spoken with can attest to, can create equilibrium in the body. Is this a form of contact with the unseen world? If we consider air as part of nature, and obviously it would be, in a sense it can be communication.

Water acts in the same way. There may be no contact with water verbally, but our bodies can sense when equilibrium is reached if in a body of water. Think about bathing (taking a bath). Why do so many women prefer bubble baths? Personally, I do it to relax, as my body is the most relaxed when submerged in water. The same experience can be found when swimming in the ocean. Since our bodies are made primarily of water, it’s as if we find the most comfort when in it.

Fire is transcendent. Candles burning. The smell of the wax and light crackling sounds of the wick. I believe fire is a living and breathing entity. Can we connect with it? Native Indians were said to see visions in a roaring fire on a reservation, but could we do the same? In the right setting and with an open mind, yes, I think it could be possible.

Final Thought

Leave religion out of the equation. The goal is to take your mind and see what you can actually do with it without a written text or a person telling you what to believe. What do you see in the unseen world? Is it everything people said it would be?

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Comments (15)

I'm pretty certain your background and your studies have contributed to your thinking - also your grandmother, perhaps. Brave article. The perspective describes, in some way, the psychic experience.

Ranked #3 in Philosophy

Thanks so much for your viewpoint. It's always been a goal of mine to keep an open mind, especially when studying archaeology and anthropology. I guess I've always had so many questions about existence and I long for viable evidence although it's truly hard to find without some sort of faith.

oh yes. there is more to this world than we know....

Ranked #1 in Philosophy

An interesting viewpoint, Lauren. Communing with nature could come I suppose once we surrender our science and religion which often contradict with what we see around us.

Ranked #3 in Philosophy

@Brenda Yes, I agree with that completely. We just have to keep an open mind. @Deep blue Surrendering science and religion is quite intimidating for many, possibly because they give people reason. Nature is out of our hands.

Very interesting article. It reminds me of a part in Goethe's Faust. Faust says that there is a spirit of joy and love that we can feel. His very religious girl friend says that her priest says the same thing, only in different words.

Ranked #7 in Philosophy

Nature has given us intelligence, "higher intelligence" to seek the absolute truth and answers to important questions in life. "Human life is meant for thoughtfulness." Impressive write Lauren.


Nice article Lauren! I believe something is out there, certainly, and I even have deep spiritual beliefs but I agree with you on the religion side of things. I don't believe in organised religion.


Nice article Lauren! I believe something is out there, certainly, and I even have deep spiritual beliefs but I agree with you on the religion side of things. I don't believe in organised religion.

Ranked #3 in Philosophy

@Kathleen I believe that. I think it's possibly to feel a spirit of joy. I think I have. @Ron I too agree in the nature and intelligence correlation. There is something about the natural world that can inspire my mind. @Emm Yes, I'm not the organized religion kind of girl because it's just that. I like organization but I certainly don't like conforming to one idea. I appreciate organized religion, but it's not for me.

Nature itself is a creation that man is not responsible. If we look closely, there is order in an apparently disorderly world. I believe there is a God who created all things including us. We just have to discern this in our life and recognize that God exists whether we believe or not.

Ranked #3 in Philosophy

@Patrick I respect you're opinion, and although I believe something does exist outside of ourselves, whether the entity is is one person or many is still a question for me.

I always love when you pull our your opinion based philosophical work. Very well written and received, I started a rant that was beginning to turn into an article. Maybe I'll finish it and post it later. =)

Beautifully worded - where many cannot. You are the best writer on Factoidz. Voted and appreciated.

Ranked #3 in Philosophy

@Michele Thanks so much. It seems I always start an article and it turns into a rant. Makes for interesting discussion I suppose. @lleen You are too kind. I always try to focus on topics many know little about or have the nerve to tackle.