A Beautiful Fact: Thought Anti-Depressent
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A Beautiful Fact: Thought Anti-Depressent

A brief review of the vast reality of our sky. What it means to be human on this small planet on the outskirts of the Milky Way. Seeing beauty in the life cycles of the cosmos: Big Bang to stellar clouds; Clouds to galaxies; Galaxies forming solar systems; individual stars bursting for as fusion ignites their very being and eventually burn them selves into oblivion. The ever expanding reality of life in the expanse of space, we are the stars, they are our forefathers.

Life is complex... full of many thousands of cells we are perhaps the most complex of life's wonders.  It's silly to start so big as a human body.  How about the big bang; it literally does not get smaller than that.  The point at which our universe, as we consider it, began.  When all of the matter and anti matter in the universe was coalesced into the tiniest point of existence... nothing previously before with the most minute expression of entropy. 

A low entropy cloud of stellar gas coalesces into a star here or there as more and more entropy, chaos or disorder enters the system.  Most clouds of stellar material are so massive that they form multiple stars in the form of galaxies.  These have their own lives as most galaxies are understood to have super massive black holes at their center.  We find ourselves a part of the milky way, one such galaxy.  The 'sun' is one of the more outward of the stars in the milky way.  We can see in our night sky many thousands of stars.  Most all of which are from our own galaxy. 

More beautiful yet we find that our great Hubble telescope when pointed into the darkest spec of our night sky displays a plethora of previously undiscovered signs of light.  Galaxies in fact populate our night sky; the remnants of time gone by.  Each living an existence much like our own, in its isolation and profound beauty.

The atoms that make up life on earth, each and every human body, was cooked up inside of the stars we see in space.  Stars are massive collections of matter, hydrogen mostly, helium as well.  Each star is the product of massive amounts of gravity pulling the explosive power of fusion inward as much as it tries to explode outward.  The balance in each star is very delicate, but across the millennia each star will eventually live its course from birth to death.  Some more or less violent than others the death of a star is perhaps the most beautifully profound aspect of life.  As a star lives and thrives it cooks the basic building blocks of life into ever more complicated elements.  These elements are inside of each and every material thing, each of you and all of me are living stars.

What more do we need to see the beauty of life... perspective.  We saw above that our night sky is populated, to the naked eye by stars within our own Milky Way.  We found as well that our eyes miss the galaxies which are ever expanding further from our already out of reach selves.  But, we can see the nature of the universe in nearly an infinite number of subjective temporal now's that build up objectivity.  Each galaxy must in some way be understood as the only legitimate temporal 'now'.  Nothing that we know of can span the vast amount of space between us.  Yet we are.  When we look into the Carina Nebule that holds the 'Mystic Mountain' we see for the first time in humanity the forming of a new star... likely this star has already come to be, burnt bright, and expended its fuel.  Our galaxy in relation to the Carina Nebula has likely not come into existence. 

We must see the beauty in the cosmos.  That time is fickle our lives are meaningful and existence is ever more intricate than our little existence will ever know.  Take a moment to gaze up into the night sky.  Realize the nature of time, the subjectivity of here and now burgeoning forth with beauty because we both exist and do not exist in the very same way as the 'cat'.  We cannot fail to be beautiful as long as we are. 

All of this... without ever postulating the alternate realities of an ever expanding existence that is alternate universes.  Each choice creating a new reality as both choices of necessity create new realities only in need of observation.

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